Cookies- batch 1

This dough is the best kind: infinitely pliable yet sturdy; you can roll it out a million times; it's pretty when cooked and yields a great flake; and it smells good in the process. Word of warning, though- if you try to roll it out when it's still too cold, you could, if pregnant, go into labor; if you're not, you will get a great workout in your triceps and shoulders. If you're a Food52 obsessee, you've probably seen this recipe on the main page recently. It's Amanda Hesser's mom's recipe and is quite similar to the butter cookies my mother-in-law makes (that recipe is under Desserts).

Having happily spent an hour or so on these, I am somewhat intimidated by the amount of dough that remains in my fridge. It will freeze well, so at least a quarter will head in that direction I believe. At least until my enormous box of decorative sugars and pearls arrives. I'm a terrible decorator somewhat lacking in the patience required to improve so who knows what sort of holiday-nesting sensation came over me the other day. Ah well, gifts!