Compost dinner salad, more pickled cauliflower, cool!

I've managed to mostly pack; if my calculations are correct, I've only got jewelry left to go. It's possible that I'll go lazy and bring the first two pairs of earrings I see when opening my drawer. It's also possible I'm forgetting something critical In any case, it's almost done, or at least seems that way. T is at a work function, and after my lovely compost salad dinner, I thought about how inviting bed sounded. Then, however, I recalled the two heads of cauliflower I blithely bought this morning, certain I would summon the enthusiastic will to pickle them this afternoon. The recipe is soooooooo good, what with the cardamom and coriander and pomegranate molasses, and I really have been wishing for more. You can be sure, however, that when I spied those two heads staring at me accusingly from the top shelf of the fridge, I felt chastened and contrite. When will I ever learn? Do I even want to? Am I willing a situation to be when it just cannot be thus right now?

The possibility of waste and the attendant guilt pushed me into action, and presently, I've got just a few more minutes until the last couple pints are ready to emerge from their boiling water bath.

I'm not sure how much cooking I'll get to do while in Louisiana so do bear with me, BUT I must tell you something I find extremely cool and meaningful. My sister has asked the guy catering her reception to make my mint-pistachio pesto as the accompaniment to the lamb rather than the sauce he'd suggested. I feel mighty proud and touched!