Comfort Friday

T gave me the best surprise this afternoon: though he has a cold, he took an early train, got home before pick-up, picked the boys up and took them to baseball practice. Aah! I finished my presentation for tomorrow, did a bunch of stuff for the kids school and made dinner for both the boys and us. So, so nice! I still needed to deal with my yellow Romas so made up another sauce and then decided to do a paccheri bake. As you might recall from trips to Italy and Italian markets in the States, I love paccheri and bring it home whenever I can. It is such a great pasta. I like that it's tubular but not ridged at all like penne or such; the smoothness of paccheri pleases me infinitely.

So I boiled some until al dente, tossed them with my golden sauce and the leftover ricotta I had in my fridge as well as some chopped basil from my deck plant and dumped them gently into my new baker (the one that matches the new platter; heh). Then I sprinkled some fresh breadcrumbs on top, grated a bunch of pecorino on top and baked for 12 minutes. It was lovely, like healthy mac-and-cheese.