Comfort dinner

The Devil Wears Prada is such a fun movie. I meant to go to bed, and I really do want to (because midday drinking, while such fun, is not something I'm really young enough to do and then perk up from anymore; boo!), but then T turned it on, and... Tonight I cooked such a delicious, comfort-food meal: roast chicken seasoned with star anise, cloves, garlic and bay leaves; gravy and wild rice; and a raw kale salad with sultanas and walnuts. The chicken could not have been more perfectly cooked, tender and moist and full of flavor. Ol, my little sous chef, helped me prepare it and made me swear to save him some. Of course we did, but while I was stripping the carcass, I gave a few little bites to Nutmeg and Percy. It must have been cat-crack chicken because sooner than not, Nutmeg had jumped INTO the trash can after the scraps. I removed him and he jumped back in. Persistent little bugger. And it was a lovely chicken.

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