Cold, gray Saturday

Look, I know we had a lovely few weeks preceding this last one, but we enjoyed a fire in our fireplace this afternoon, and in my opinion, that should NOT be thus in DC in almost-May. My pasty, fish-belly colored skin is in desperate need of some sun, my garden knows not what to do, the grayness is grimness all around. In tandem with the challenging week I wrote about yesterday, today's chill makes me just want to call it a day and hibernate for a while. I feel subdued in a way that is disquieting because for the most part, I'm a peppy kinda gal. I went to yoga this morning, and T and I got to go on a date this afternoon which was so nice. I have found that daytime babysitters are the way to go for so many reasons, not least that we are super tired by 8p so really, we should go out well before then and if you leave before dinner and bath-time, you don't have to manage either! Sweet. Anyway, as we had a serious snack while out (is 2Amy's not the BEST?! if you are not from DC, please come for a visit and head straight to 2A's) so T's "dinner" will probably be an extremely light one. I've got a bit more room to play with fortunately as my snack -amazing caponata crostini and a sliver of rapini-goat cheese tart- was actually a snack, albeit a generous one but I did have a light lunch- but no set plans yet. Dessert simply must happen. And I think a cocktail in a coupe should accompany our viewing of last night's Bill Maher. It's all looking up!

Let's give it up for Sierra Leone finding Charles Taylor guilty. He is a horrible, truly evil human, and I hope they lock him away for a long while, even if they are sending him to a British jail- hope it's a really shitty one.

Do y'all ever look at Motherlode, the NY Times parenting blog? I like it!