Coffee cake a hit, Contagion, throat coat, misc

Well, the coffee cake is a hit. My mother-in-law and one of Tom's cousins came over, and we all gave it a terrific review. The pears are such a nice addition, and the coffee cake itself is a cross between coffee cake and cake. So, for moist-addicts like Tom, this really works. We're seeing Contagion this afternoon. I hope no one in the audience freaks out over my hacking. Heh. Has anyone else tried Throat Coat tea? I love it, and it really does make your throat feel comforted, like you've wrapped it in a cashmere shawl.

Looks like Jesus McBangBang is going down, just like crazy Michele, milquetoast T.Paw and all-around bigot Santorum. I wonder who the Repubs will dig up next because even with all these unqualified people dropping like flies, there still doesn't seem to be any interest in flip-flopper Romney.

I'm off to make another attempt at putting to-be-tried recipes in some sort of order. Hope you're all having a good day so far. A big shout-out to recent readers in Malawi and Indonesia- great to have you!