Cod, cantaloupe, quinoa, coconut

Somewhere between saying goodbye to my mom and getting the kids to bed, I lost my sense of humor. I opened a bottle of Chablis in hopes of finding some bit of it, but so far, no dice. Nonetheless, I did turn out a good dinner, and the alliterative aspect of it, per the post title above, is charming. Quinoa with lemon zest, fennel and sultanas, cod roasted with shaved fennel, olives, more lemon, garlic, salt and fennel fronds, and the best cantaloupe we've enjoyed this summer.

I love quinoa, love that each grain looks like a tiny Saturn, love that it's so good for you and is so versatile. And while I don't often buy cod because the poor fish is being fished to death, literally, I saw some rated yellow at Whole Foods today and decided to splurge a bit. I love cod, and this did it justice, although it's unfortunate that the one time I over-salt anything happened to such a delicate meal.

The cantaloupe was ridiculous, and T and I ate a whole half. We're now trying to finagle some room for the magnificent coconut cream pie that's waiting for us in the fridge.

Did y'all hear about the John Sununu-Soledad O'Brien confrontation over Medicaire? She won, and when did he become such a wing-nut? Is NH considering disowning him? When did facts become opinions?

Bill and Real Time return on Friday! Two days hence! Yay!!