Coconuts: delicious, a real pain

Last night I had a nightmare that we'd had to give Percy and Nutmeg away even though we didn't want to (to be honest, I was more upset about the cat; I want to be more of a dog person, y'all, but I'm just not). I was really troubled by Nutmeg's absence: where was he? was he OK? So, when he flew into our bed at 5am, purring like a revved motorbike, I was surprised, thrilled and peeved. He was not gone, but he was sniffing my face and nipping at my wrists. Hungry, growing males are everywhere in my home it seems. Jesus. NIK_2318So I'm pretty gaga now and feeling very lucky that my first school pick-up is still three hours away. I'm also on complete pins and needles waiting for the postman to arrive because something I've been waiting for should land today or tomorrow. Otherwise I'm too tired to do or think about much else. So I decided to take a crack at opening a coconut -hah!- I bought last week because a smoothie sounded nice.

Out came my meat tenderizer because it's such a good whacking tool and to town I went. A full one hour later, I've finally got the whole coconut drained, peeled, chopped and in the freezer. ONE hour y'all. Dealing with coconuts is as time-consuming as supreming citrus fruit though it's slightly less irritating. I always buy them with big plans and enthusiasm and no sooner lay into it than swear never to do so again. They are so pretty though- such an intense white, and I love the grain.