Coconut Cream Pie

I woke up with a major hankering for some coconut cream pie so one is in the works. The crust is baked and cooling, and I've made and set aside the sweetened coconut. We have to bring Mom to the airport soon, unfortunately, and will then head by the market to get the rest of the items I need for the pastry cream. Mmm... Last night, I felt my first twinge of excitement about fall's pending arrival. I've grown mighty tired of squash and eggplant and, by and large, have been fairly disappointed in this summer's tomatoes and watermelons. Boo. A hearty stew sounds marvelous, and I love the idea of my big Staub bubbling away on the stove with something savory and big. It has really been gruesomely hot the past few months, and I'll eagerly welcome days and nights in the 70s.

The watermelon carving winners are being announced soon, so I'll keep you posted!