Coconut Cream Pie

I just can't hold off any longer. Today is the day a coconut cream pie will be made over here! Mamma mia. After the failed muffins last night, I need a sure thing in the dessert department. I really miss Oliver's naps. It drives me mad to watch him refuse something he so desperately needs and to then pack up to go somewhere with him and then watch as he immediately falls asleep in the car. Eff! After picking him up this morning, I made us lunch and then we gardened for a while. After an hour or so, unable to stand the chattering and mosquitoes, we headed inside, and I told him he'd have to play by himself for a while. Mr. Independent 3 said, "No, I just won't do that." Who is kidding me. Ignoring him commenced, and after 10 minutes of scaling my body as if it were some rock wall, he finally threw in the towel and pout-slouched over to the Legos. He has realized that Legos are fun. Um, hel-lo?!! This is why they've been a popular toy for oh, I don't know, ever.

Jack's play was a-DORable this morning. The teachers really did a fabulous job writing it, and the children were awesome performers. Imagine 24 little voices singing Madonna's "Like a Prayer" re-worded to describe looking for a friend who went missing when she wished on a magic turkey feather and turned into a raindrop. Hilarious and darling.

Ok, off to make lemon curd. Tomorrow will be a massive cooking fest over here in prep for the baby shower on Sunday. Strawberry cake, chocolate almond cake, blueberry-peach tart, tea sandwiches, quinoa salad, shaved asparagus and mint, scones, rose  jam, and the lemon curd. Beautiful and delicious, yes?