Clambake quesadillas and cheese straws

Today has been the biggest day of cooking I've enjoyed in a long while. First came a new batch of granola; lately I've been using currants in place of the dried cherries, and I love the sub! Next came such a tremendous wave of cheese straws that I gained one blister and lost count of just how many straws I piped while doing so. Then I realized that I'd never really eaten breakfast and was hungry. Since Sunday's spaghetti alle vongole, I've been noodling on a clams second verse: quesadillas! On the way home from dropping the boys off, I stopped by the store. A mind map exercise went something like this: I love clams and corn, love corn and scallions, and love bacon with all those. So, I added those fixings -fresh corn is here!- to my cart and then spent a hefty amount of time in the cheese aisle to get to just the right combo. Ultimately I chose Monterrey Jack and Asiago Fresco, a younger, softer version of its Asiago kin.

As I watched the ingredients come together, I thought of a clambake so am calling these puppies Clambake Quesadillas. They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! I will post the recipe tonight. For now I need to go pack baseball bags and snacks. Let's hope today is not a repeat of last Friday's child lunacy.