Cinnamon rolls! Hubby made it home! Jack is 6!

A lovely omelet does make a wonderful dinner when you want something satisfying, simple and quick. On this toast I spread the last of the recent cherry-plum jam that I'd not canned but instead saved for me. I enjoyed a cold glass of French (unoaked) Chard alongside. Delicious!

Afterwards, as you know, cinnamon roll making commenced. I should have known, but didn't until last night, that the recipe I use is a Molly Wizenberg one; she is just the best, really one of my foodie faves. Anyway, I love this dough because, like a good pasta dough, it's so pliable and strong but not sticky in the least. Although I cook so often, I'm still amazed and excited by the simplest of things, in this case the way liquids and solids can be mixed together to form something so perfectly of both.

And, voila! Hot from the oven and ready to be glazed. These are truly divine.

T managed to get home last night -such a great surprise!- or rather this morning at 1:30, and Jack has had a great birthday so far. At present, we're all building his new Lego space shuttle and rocket launch pad. Very cool. Legos are so well designed and neat!