Cinco de Mayo

For no good or understandable reason, I adore Cinco de Mayo. Maybe it's simply the ring of the name, perhaps it's a deep love of margaritas, maybe because it's a somewhat fabricated "holiday" it reminds me of Louisiana happily partying for any or no reason except to simply do so. Regardless, I cottoned to CdM years ago and still feel extremely spirited each year on this date.We whipped up a batch of Lindsay's Margaritas (see Drinks; these are both earth-shatteringly easy and good), opened some chips and salsa, had some guac, and I made a coriander and cilantro flatbread (see Breads; these are fab). Our deck hit the spot tonight; it was great to take a load off after a long day of baseball, birthday parties, writing class and so on. Hope you've all had a good weekend, dear readers. I've got a serious yen for pie brewing so will have to whip one up this week. Adios! Viva el Cinco de Mayo!