You will never believe what I awoke to this morning. Oliver, sleeping between me and Tom, threw up in his sleep all over us and the bed. Then, again. It was 5:15a AND daylight savings time here. For the love of god, time change is stalking my family. Anyway, I bathed little O while Tom changed the sheets and took the dirty ones down a floor to a washing machine. No sooner had Ol and I climbed back into bed than blech- he hurled again. Change of pajamas, sheets, etc, back in the shower. Poor honey. He's snoozing beside me now, sadly in some pirate PJs rather than his beloved digger ones. I had to convince him that he is still a real worker who is simply dressing up as a pirate.This followed Jack's puke sessions in the elevator and against an exterior wall of a shop yesterday. Poor sweeties. It seemed to pass quickly though -you should have seen the amount he ate when he recovered- and I love that about kids. They can wretch their guts up and five minutes later be dancing in the streets ordering tortellini con panna and prosciutto (Jack) or stuffing their faces with salami sandwiches and a fried sardine, head and all (Oliver). Brava! So far, our schedule seems to be a delightful lack of any structure. We were out walking for nearly 10 hours yesterday, and I'm looking forward to another grand time today, Sunday. We're going to Trattoria alla Madonna for lunch, a place my parents and sister ate at on Easter Sunday a decade or so ago, and tomorrow we head to Florence.