Christmas is almost here!

I am feeling terribly festive as the final week before Christmas speeds by. I just love this time of year. One of my favorite images is the old Christmas tree lashed to the top of the car, and it's been a treat to keep my eyes peeled for that sight lately. advent calendar

Our advent calendar (a cute felt/magnetic affair) is looking quite full, the tree is hanging on to its freshness (we did get it early this year; eek), the stockings are hung, presents are wrapped, cookies seem to be breeding... This will be the first time our little family has spent Christmas alone, without extended family joining us. I am hopeful that it doesn't feel lonely for the boys but, rather, just relaxed and calm. I'm glad we're going to see Seussical at the Children's Theater and that we have this playful kitten to keep us amused. Presently, Nutmeg is hauling ass around the dining room, chasing a marker with glee and a hunterly focus. Percy remains rather nervous, as might I if a tiny furball regularly pranced sideways around me, claws extend, always ready to lay in with a right hook, seemingly unaware of its diminutive size.

I'm about to get started on a leek confit, need to thaw and then make a few more Christmas cookies and get working on another gumbo. Tomorrow, we're doing an early Christmas with T's parents as they're then heading to CT for Grandma's 90th birthday celebration over the weekend. leeks

The only aspect of this Christmas season that's really weird is how warm it is. Lately, by about 2p, you really don't need a coat, or at least not much of one. Though January and February are usually much colder than the final months of the preceding year, the temperatures we've had lately are oddly high. I feel like I used to during Christmas in Louisiana where it wasn't uncommon to wear shorts while opening gifts from Santa. But here? We've not really had any snow since Snowmageddon, a couple years back. This article from Grist suggests that for many Americans, White Christmases are going to become increasingly rare. Here's hoping for a whole lot of political action on a whole host of issues soon!!!