Chimichurri = THE spring sauce

Yesterday, Opower (the company T works for) went public which is such exciting, great news. A party was planned for last night, and though I scrambled to find a sitter, T ended up going alone. No problem, I stayed with the kids, made a cocktail and toasted the news from here. I'd planned to make steaks with chimichurri so did so anyway because leftover steak, sliced all nice and thin, makes for a fantastic lunchtime sandwich the next day; indeed, that's what hubs had for lunch today. But back to the chimichurri. It is a preposterously beautiful and flavorful sauce that brightens everything from steak to scrambled eggs. There are many, many variations of chimichurri, based on place of origin, application and so forth; because of that, you really don't need a recipe for chimichurri -another aspect of its appeal- as long as you have the mainstay ingredients. For me these are: cilantro; parsley; red wine vinegar; olive oil; garlic; and red pepper flakes. Cumin and coriander are great too, and of course you need a little salt. Blitz in a food processor, and voila!

I started the steaks in my Lodge and finished them in a 350° oven. They were delicious; the kids ate half of Tom's!

It's possible I made another cocktail and toasted Opower again. Salute!