Chicks-n-dumps round 2, beets two ways, One Day Deal

Tomorrow's (Friday) One Day Deal at participating Whole Foods is: Champagne (Ataulfo) mangoes: 1 case for $7.99 (roughly $.50 each; regularly $1.50 each)

With these beauties you can:

  • snack wildly
  • make a fantastic ice cream sundae (vanilla ice cream, cubed mango, drizzle of Amaretto, crumble of amaretti cookies)
  • can some mango butter or mango chutney for the post-mango season
  • serve up this fabulous mango, prosciutto and dandelion greens sandwich
  • make a puree and freeze it for future smoothie inclusion

and so forth.

Tonight for dinner, I repurposed our leftover dumpling dough and chicken stew from last night and cooked up these delicious and lovely pot pies. Fabulous! Alongside, we had beets two ways: roasted with oranges and Valdeon (a terrif Spanish blue cheese); and the beet stems and leaves sauteed with garlic, olive oil, lemon (zest and juice) and salt and then sprinkled with agrodolce vinegar.

chicken pot pies