Chicken with mustard cream sauce, Fume' Blanc, red nails

How fabulous is mani/pedi Friday?! Yes, indeed. A friend and I headed to G’town Nails today and had a lovely afternoon. Afterwards, she suggested we stop in a shoe boutique- who left with new heels? Me. However, they were 70% off and are absolutely gorgeous, so c’est la vie. I also opted to go nuts and have my fingernails painted a lovely shade of red. Not maroon, not burgundy, not “hey, pick me up”, just a wonderful, happy shade of red. I’m not sure it’s me. In fact, I feel like if I put on my new blue and white gingham apron with red trim right now, I might as well fix a martini and put my hair in rollers. Nonetheless, if, at this point in my life, crazy means painting my nails red for what will surely challenge the paint’s durability soon (the boys, more cherry pitting, etc), well, I think I’m still in the safe zone.

Naturally, now, at 6:50, the question is: what to eat?! I have some fresh chicken and I don’t want to do anything hard. A quick look around found a winning mustard cream sauce for chicken. Sounds delightful to me! Not sure about a side yet, but I did put a bottle of Grgich Fume’ Blanc in the old fridge.