Chicken and a hell of a haiku

Wednesdays are our hairiest afternoon of the week. Once pick-up happens, we are full speed ahead until bedtime, sometimes even skipping baths to safeguard sleep and my sanity. Nonetheless, it's for good reasons, so I try to prep dinner stuff well in advance so meals don't fall by the wayside too. Tonight was the Zuni Cafe chicken, roast potatoes and kale with parm. Scrumptious! I mean, just look at this golden bird.

Cooler and even more wonderful, however, is this haiku that Jack wrote during the final few minutes of his Writers Notebook (homework) period this evening. I am floored by how strong this is!

Middle of nowhere

Voids all around the strange place

Nothing nowhere blank

Sometimes your own children can really surprise the hell out of you in the coolest of ways.