Chard goopiness was great, and so forth

I really enjoyed the panade last night. Although nothing this goopy and cheesy tends to photograph terribly well, this photo gives you the idea of the dish: an unctuous chard and onion mixture interspersed with pan-fried bread and Gruyère. Yum! I always like a dish that feels healthy even when it's not quite there. Whatever virtue the panade had, I pretty much cancelled with the amount of white wine I imbibed, but alas. Yesterday deserved to be finished with a bang. And I learned, via a hip friend -go KP, go!- a fun new phrase: in my cups. Not even KP's husband knew what this meant, so I don't think my ignorance of it means I'm that out of the loop, but it means 'drunk.' Like, "wow, after that last one, I'm in my cups." I headed straight to the gym this morning after dropping Jack off to sweat away the remaining remnants of cup'iness.

Today I'm going to make some pumpkin-prune bread for a friend who's preggers and do something with some gorgeous turkey cutlets I picked up at the FM (farmers market) recently. Need to use more asparagus too!