Chagrined to have missed the farmers market this morning, apple plans

Good morning!  T and I enjoyed a lovely bottle of Chianti last night, watched Good Will Hunting (love it) and called it a day. He immediately began snoring loudly so I hauled it to the basement and slept like a log until 8:30. Bliss! The only drawback to sleeping in, and I can't believe I'm even putting this into the ether, is that I didn't have time to hit the farmers market before Jack's swim lesson at 10. Instead, we had family swim and then I picked up two large bags of local Galas at Whole Foods with which I plan to make a batch of my applesauce and attempt some apple butter. I will let you know how that goes but first I need to do some recipe research. I thought I might want to go on cooking strike after the past two days' marathon, but I'm itching to get back into the kitch. I was craving a big, hard-to-get-your-mouth-around sandwich for lunch so used some of my whole wheat bread (don't you LOVE its rich color; go molasses) to make this monster: fresh mozz, radicchio, tomato, hummus, Moroccan mustard, spinach and basil. It was so good that I had another half afterwards and then the last brownie with a glass of milk. Perfection!