Cauliflower, scones and a baby

Do you know what I got to do this morning? I got to bring fresh blueberry scones and lemon curd to a dear friend who had a baby girl on Thanksgiving Day and then I got to snuggle her perfect little almost-six-days-old bundle for nearly an hour. I was in heaven. Oh my god, give me the babies. I LOVE to hold them. Aargh. I'm all done having my own, but I swear I should set up a baby-holding service because I just adore them. This little nugget has a tiny, bow-shaped mouth, and she is so alert and sweet. Having only had boys who, when new still look slightly buster-like, I'm always amazed by the delicacy of newborn girls. Neither is probably true across the board, but in my experiences, the gals are just daintier than their male counterparts. Aah. Love them all! Last night, to completely change the subject, I roasted cauliflower with cinnamon, orange zest and pomegranate seeds. Nice!