Cauliflower and a cowboy

The animals (literally the pets, not the boys) woke me up at 4:45 this morning, and I wasn't able to get back to sleep. Ugh. Tom took pity on me at 6:30 and sent me to the basement for a quick nap which was wonderful until I was awakened by Oliver pointing a red laser-light finger toy in my face which Nutmeg then tried to chase. Onto my face. Jack had been picked up by carpool, and I was to get Ol to school. He was dressed as a preppie cowboy with a soupçon of organ-grinder monkey thrown in, but I thought nothing of it until we got to school and I realized it was picture day.

Oliver dressed for school picture day

With Jack, as my first, I probably would have hauled it back home to change and put on something sweet. But with Mr. Second, I just laughed and went with it. He was thrilled with his attire, so why mess with happiness?! Funny how much I don't sweat this kind of small stuff this time around. And he did look darling!

I hurried home to poach some salmon and sear some cauliflower for my meal delivery to the grands tonight. I then seared some cauliflower for me too and while inhaling it all realized that it very well might be newest obsession. It is SO.GOOD. Just look at the golden caramelization, the hot sear marks left from contact with super-hot Lodge. Ah, me. Bliss!