Catching my breath

Today has been delightful, but I have been so busy that I'm certain I could tuck in for the night right now. Several hours were spent at Jack's school, snapping photos of the darling new students and more shelving in the libe. Then some photo editing, new school shoes for Jack, choosing a birthday present, wrapping the present, setting up our Magic Rocks tank and so forth. I don't remember anything I've eaten nor any specifics regarding travel between any of the places I've been. Isn't it weird how you can be preoccupied as to literally not recall driving or walking from place to place? You just do it automatically, and I do believe I pay attention and am careful, but it's still an odd feeling to arrive somewhere and have distinct memory of the trip. Weird! Off to the market. My sage is out of control, so I'm going to make a sage-walnut pesto and perhaps even some homemade fettucine on which to daub it. Will keep you posted!