Carrots and pizza to write home about

Pizza was my Plan B for tonight but after making a delicious bowl of roasted carrots with garlic, honey, thyme and lime, I hit a roadblock and so called in the troops o' za. As we had both the Real Time season finale from Friday night to watch as well as Homeland from last night, pizza turned out to be the perfect meal: easy to eat without looking, portable, utensils optional. We went whole hog, setting up a couch picnic in the basement in front of our "big" TV, wine, water, pillows, blankets at the ready. The carrots were a delightful appetizer, and oh, this pizza. I mandolined sunchokes over an olive oil washed crust, sprinkled generously with chopped fresh rosemary, layered on slim chunks of mozzarella, dotted the canvas with T's leftover Italian sausage and sent it off to the hot stone. Bene, bene!

Tomorrow is chock full, and I have miles to cook before I sleep. So for now, I'm off like a prom dress. Adieu!