Can't stop buying produce, Romesco sauce on the horizon

I think I'm becoming obsessed with canning. For whom am I making all these goodies you might ask. Well, I'm not sure, but I found myself buying various types of plums and apples with no restraint today. I do have an apple chutney I want to try but what's with the plum fixation? In the meantime, and only in the meantime because I'm out of canning lids, I am about to start making a Romesco sauce. Chile peppers, marcona almonds, piquillo peppers, wine, tomato, pimentón, olive oil and so forth. Delish. I just missed the corn boat so the original pasta recipe with scallions, corn and bacon that I was going to make tonight is no longer a go. Instead I might make grilled chicken with Romesco and some crostoni bagnati which means we will enjoy olive-oil-bathed ciabatta. Mamma mia! I bought some burrata to top that off because really, why not bathe bread in olive oil and then put mozzarella + cream on it?