Candied kumquats and whey-poached halibut

This morning didn't start terribly auspiciously as Nutmeg managed to get into our room (seriously, can the cat apparate? I swear we had the door closed.) and then attacked T. And it wasn't late. By which I mean it was really honking early. T had to get up with the roosters anyway because of a breakfast meeting in Baltimore but nonetheless, a prowling hunter finding prey is not what you want to break your peaceful slumber. I may have overheard some cussing as T relocated the hunter to the basement. Quel dommage. Oliver, who has suddenly decided he must be potty-trained at night, woke me at 5:45 to go.  But who can say no to or stand in the way of an almost-four-year-old who wants to bid nappies adieu?! Not I, my friends! So there you have it.



I was inspired today, in part because I made some ricotta in anticipation of crostini-making for a gig tomorrow night and thus have a bunch of whey at my disposal, and also because I've been dying to candy some kumquats and use them in a dish, as we did several times in Charleston. Candying these beauties couldn't have been easier, and while doing so, I started thinking that a whey-based panna cotta with these treats on top would be awfully good.

kumquats candying

However, I wanted an entree really, something both sweet and savory. Then I remembered that I'd bought a gorgeous filet of Pacific halibut this morning- what if I poached it in the whey? Then, what if I served it on some of the Carolina gold rice I brought home and topped everything with a sauce including the candied fruit? I think this sounds extremely promising so am going with it and will let you know.

candied kumquats

Do you know what's cool? Next week, I get to interview two individuals I really, really admire (one a writer, one a chef) for a writing assignment. I am psyched, thrilled. Yee-haw!