Cake-off peer review, leftovers lunch, playing dinner by ear

Foodie-friend C gamely dove into both pieces of cake yesterday: lemon-lime of old, and the 2011 Recipe Redux version. As T averred, C also felt that the modernized version was superior but wondered if in it, I might be able to mimic the retro color marbleization. I do have some all-natural food coloring (no weird "dyes" folks) so will attempt to dye the syrup and see what happens. I too love the crazy psychedelic hues of the older style. Once I test that -NOT today- I will post a new pic. My fridge is insane, chock-full of delish leftovers, and that is what will be my lunch today! Braised cabbage, roasted cauliflower, some fresh ricotta with marinated, roasted tomatoes. Mmm...I can't wait, actually, now that I write that.

I don't have any big plans for dinner this evening- we might go picnic style with a tuna-white bean salad and a cheese plate. Have y'all tried this salad? It is so good in its simplicity. Every flavor bursts onto your palate, and it's so good for you. I'll post the recipe under Salads just to give you a prod. ;)

Jack is really pushing for a cowboy hat and bandana right now, but this far I have not acquiesced. I told him I called several local stores, and he told me that he and T looked around for one last weekend but to no avail because he didn't like the way the string on it "hid" his shirt when he tightened it under his chin. Always the fashionista, that 5 yr old. Anyway, I said, "well, Jack, I guess we'll just have to keep pretending," to which he immediately replied, "or you could check google." Oh my lord!