Cabbage Parm Soup a la Yotam

It is SO cold here in DC, and last night I accidentally deleted 85% of the Em-i-lis Recipes page. That nearly gave me a cardiac (thank god for my tech-genius hubby), and the cold just froze me all day, so tonight I went looking for a recipe that reeked of warmth and comfort. Pondering stuffed cabbage, I then came across a Yotam soup: Savoy cabbage and parmesan soup with croutons. For whatever reason, I happened to have just bought a Savoy cabbage and had everything else required. The Savoy is an awfully pretty cabbage what with its ruffled leaves and variegated hue. So I cooked it up, added some uncalled for cream at the end because really, it's quite cold outside and will wait until T gets home to make the croutons. Though not a soup that will render you speechless, this will definitely satisfy on a chilly evening. And it's (mostly) delightfully healthy.