Bummer! And not.

Oh dear. The mango cardamom muffins were such a disappointment. I scurried to make them because they sounded so darn good, but alas, we didn't like them at all. Blimey! Such a waste of good ingredients. I feel like I'm surfing an avalanche right now, trying to stay just ahead of the rushing curl. With 5 minutes to spare and muffin batter under my fingernails, I managed to clean myself up (rather nicely I might add) and get to my meeting at J's school on time. Afterwards, starving, I raced to get salads for a take-out dinner and hurried home to actually see this man I married. We've been like creaking, ancient ships in the night lately, and it'll be no better next week when, for the first time ever, he has to be away on our anniversary. Boo!

Anyway, salads consumed, we're now both tapping away, tired and behind and ever-hard-working. But I love to glance over at him and smile, this cute guy I fell in love with nearly a decade ago. Funny how a moment seems both JUST and ages old.

Tomorrow is Jack's class play, our last early morning Meeting for Worship together, a quick coffee with friends, Oliver's pick up and that's all before noon. I'm thrilled to be catering a happy baby shower on Sunday but there is much to be done before then, not least the rest of the shopping. Get some sleep, eat well, take care.