Breathtaking plums

A few nights back, awash in summer squash and tomatoes, and absolutely tired as get out, I whipped up this "primavera" - more accurately, "estatevera" (spring v summer) - bucatini because I just didn't feel like ordering take-out. The bucatini was perfectly al dente when T (because at this point I'd told him to manage the pasta) tossed it into my veggie sauté, and I then added some mozzarella di bufala and grated pecorino. It certainly didn't render me speechless, but it was good enough and made for a satisfying segue into bed. Pretty, huh!?

Yesterday, Ol and I made quite the haul at the farmers market. I'd missed going (it'd been three! weeks) and we really made our way through: popsicles at Pleasant Pops (yay for the return of Chongos); Shiro plums and peaches from Spring Valley Orchard; rhubarb, baby peppers and Sungolds from my favorite place whose name I can never remember (why is this?!); baguette and croissant from Bonaparte; cheeses from Everona Dairy; heirloom tomatoes and basil.

We actually had to return to the car in the middle to unload too-heavy parcels.

I plan to use the peaches in a canning class I'm teaching on Wednesday, but these little Shiro plums are all for me. Aren't they positively resplendent?