Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner is an underrated experience. Though I usually prefer a three-courser with veggies, a big plate of fresh waffles and maple syrup is pretty awesome sometimes. Tonight was one of those times. This recipe, a lightly spiced waffle that uses beer in place of the yeast, makes a perfect evening entree. They're hearty and sweet-savory. Also, they're a nice color of darkish brown which for some reason makes me think they're less breakfasty. An easier segue into dinner than would be a white waffle studded with little blueberries or the like. You know?

I told T to peel some clementines for some color and a not-bread element of our meal. I also made some scrambled eggs with collards I'd slivered into ribbons and sauteed in truffle butter. "Holy cow, Em-i-lis, that sounds amazing," you're probably saying to yourself right now. Let me quickly correct you. It was awful. Weird because how can eggs plus truffle butter be horrible? Well because apparently eggs + truffle butter + collards = bottarga (salted, cured fish roe). What?? Seriously, it was surreally disgusting. I dunno, y'all. Just don't go there.