Braised cabbage and salmon, carrot salad

A good dinner, peeps, and a relatively quick one too! On my drive home this afternoon, I was overcome with a desire for braised cabbage which, as it turns out, often pairs nicely with salmon. Fortunately, I still had one gorgeous cabbage (seriously, isn't its purple-greeness beautiful?!) left from last week's farmers market just waiting to be consumed. As I started noodling on how to braise it, I thought that star anise sounded good; my thoughts then turned to allspice and cinnamon, black pepper and apple cider. And, wouldn't a dish based on those flavors go well alongside the Moroccan carrot salad I'd already planned, what with its cinnamon, honey, ginger and so forth. And tonight I added a splash of pomegranate molasses which was looovvely. So, voila. Healthy, yummy, satisfying. And then more of that peskily good cheesecake. Thank god I managed to force most of it on others today.