Boys on delay; instead, dinner

I am just crushed, y'all. Mom's and the boys' flight out of Lake Charles was so late that they'd have missed their connection in Houston, so they had to change everything to return tomorrow. Of course I am glad that they found this out while still in LC, but I was desperately excited to see them tonight. It was a pretty crap night all around, really, and so I am calling it a day, eager to see them tomorrow. When unhappy, what do I often do but cook. T benefited from this in grand fashion tonight because I made one of my best dishes: a caramelized shallot and cabbage tart with tasso (a cured ham that's a specialty of southern Louisiana food. It's long been hard to find around here but of late seems to be on a popularity kick, and I now buy excellent tasso from Eco Friendly Foods at the Dupont farmers market.) Yee-howdy.

This plus two episodes of House of Cards (I know, I'm behind; just started it two days ago.) and some wine has taken me down a notch, amen. Off to bed I go.