Bob the Builder, cooking on the horizon

Y'all, Bob the Builder is such a dumb show. Oliver just loves it to pieces; he wouldn't nap today so is watching it -catatonic and transported- right now while I get a few things done. But really, Bob is an annoying character, and all the machines seem to have inferiority complexes although they do seem to be a unified team. Anyway, in prep for tomorrow (love the spirit of the moms in J's class!! go K), I'm going to make the leek confit and tart crust (for the leek and aged goat cheese tart) this afternoon, as well as the nuts. Tomorrow I'll finish up the leek tart, and I've decided to make a savory fig and Marcona almond tart too. Both are divine, and I will share the recipes with you soon. The leek tart, I've just discovered, is a Molly Wizenberg recipe that I found on epicurious. LOVE her.