Blueberry peach muffins

I had the weirdest, most vibrant set of dreams last night and now feel wiped out and confused. All sorts of folks from all parts of my life showed up but not exactly as themselves. Nights when you may actually have slept but feel as if you didn't are the pits. The boys woke me up just before 6 and although they have been sweet and funny, they are also heavily into "private parts" being included in every sentence and activity: the butt walk (they put their butts together, link arms and walk); Private Part River and City (WTF?); a dance which includes not insignificant slapping of their own crotches (I tried to tell them that as they get older, that will NOT feel good, but to no avail; Jack simply asked when- how many years until that happened?). I don't know! Anyway, during the hullabaloo, I managed to make a cup of coffee and these awesome muffins. Blueberry peach with cinnamon and lemon. Mamma mia!