Bittman on that darn Stanford study on organics, playdate

Wow! A hell of a fun playdate, but we were all zonked by the end. Bobbing for apples is a lot harder than I recall. But so much fun! Oliver was sawing logs by 6p, Jack was down for the count not longer afterwards, and I'm relishing the silence with a glass of wine and some random thoughts about dinner. I'm going back in for a second attempt at those oven roasted grapes from last night because they just weren't all they could have been but I liked their potential. Will keep you posted. You probably recall that Stanford study on organic food 5 or 6 weeks came out saying there was really no nutritional difference between regular and organic foods. I thought  it was such a flawed study, and indeed it's received quite a lot of negative press. Mark Bittman posted this opinion piece on it this past Tuesday, and I think it's an excellent riposte.