Biscuits and chili

Tonight's dinner was delicious, but I admit to hoping that it serves as a final goodbye to temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Today was downright cold which made my indoor MHD that much cozier, but...spring needs to spring. ASAP. I've got sandals and shorts to wear, sundresses and tank tops, floppy hats and flip flops too. I want to get my Vitamin D from actual rays of sunlight rather than gummy Ds in my bathroom. My VegTrug plants looked at me in a fairly accusatory fashion today, as if wondering "why would she so loving plant us and then subject us to freezing rain?!" It's a reasonable question little ones! In any case, Jack is about to test for his red belt in Tae Kwon Do so I took him to a penultimate practice session tonight and when we finally got home I was thrilled to remember a bag of chili verde waiting in frozen repose in my garage chest freezer. A quick thaw would make for such a warming dinner! I have been DYING to make biscuits, knew they'd pair winningly with the chili and had just enough cream left to make a 1x recipe. Though I wish they'd puffed more -I fear I overworked the gluten- they were very tasty and, as I'd suspected, were a tremendous addition to dinner. I used this recipe from the recent NY Times Dining section. Next time I'm going to try a different recipe, just cuz.

Aren't the flaky layers of good biscuits irresistible? I love, LOVE a good biscuit, especially when smeared with cream cheese and pepper jelly, fresh jam or dunked into something wonderful, like tonight's chili. I have yet to take a picture of this chili that doesn't too closely resemble something gross, but imagine turkey, tomatillos, pounds of peppers, etc. It's marvelous.

The news was so stultifyingly reguarly both yesterday and today. Just violence, horror, silly Congressmen and natural disasters for the love. Maybe the MH 370 black box has been found though?