Birthday prep is underway

After a morning that can only be described as lunacy, the boys are now with Tom at his parents' house. Once again I am struck by how much I enjoy being at home by myself and in silence. I've made two dozen chocolate cupcakes, two 8" vanilla cakes, got the shamrock and Wonder Woman star garlands hung and this orange and green bouquet of flowers set in honor of Ol's favorite colors. Funny that we have no Irish in our family but he was born on St. Patty's day, will likely drink as if he were Irish, and is besotted with orange and green which happen to be two colors of the Irish flag. I love it. Let's go to Ireland pronto; I've always wanted to! Ol's birthday prep

Now, in anticipation of a feast tomorrow night, a gorgeous corned beef is stewing away in a low oven. I'm off to mulch!