Best financier ever, Book of Mormon, home

I refused to get out of bed this morning until T brought home the financiers from...wait, let me get the butter-stained bag... Maison Eric Kayser. Financiers, a cakey concoction usually shaped like a rectangle, can, like any baked good, be dry and totally underwhelming. These financiers were precisely the opposite. I wanted to cry and immediately go buy 82 more. I bow to you, Eric Kayser, and though I have recently sworn off the purchase of new cookbooks, I might make an exception for yours so that I may make the pistachio financiers all the time.

T brought home raspberry and pistachio, and both were wonderful. Financiers are traditionally made from almond flour (or crushed or ground almonds) and brown butter. Kayser's are not rectangular but instead shaped like muffins. Only better. The pistachio was supremely delicious; truly, I was without words. I couldn't possibly eat both so saved the remainder. I've just polished off the rest of the pistachio and will soon dive into la framboise.

Then we packed, checked out, dropped our ludicrous amount of luggage at T's NY office so as to avoid bringing it to Broadway, and then walked north. By a complete stroke of luck, we passed the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Wondering if food stalls might be waiting, we headed in. No food but some great stuff. I bought a smooth as butter leather, fleur-de-lis bedecked (tasteful, not bedazzled) passport holder ($3!) made in Florence and in great shape AND the coolest old compact. I can't wait to clean it up and upgrade from the freebie in my cosmetic bag. The original powder compartment and door still function perfectly, the mirror is excellent, and the cover is engraved with a few fleurs. It feels very Mad Men goes to the Continent. Too cool, too cool.

It seemed prudent to get to the theater on time so we made a quick pit stop at Turco for that ˄ falafel sandwich and to the Eugene O'Neill as the doors opened.

Here are my bottom lines re: Book of Mormon: parts of were priceless; overall it wasn't as crass as I expected; it was much less offensive that I had prepared (hoped?) for; the first half was slightly underwhelming; the physicality required for many of the roles was overwhelming; 85% of the cast was terrific; it wasn't the best show I've ever seen; we were in the second row, center orchestra, and the girls in front of us won their seats for $32 in the Book of Mormon lottery. We paid a lot more than $32. Hmm.

This is where expectations can damn what their referencing. If I'd never heard how outrageously offensive the show was, I think I'd have been more delightfully offended. If I hadn't heard I would literally pee in my pants laughing, I might have. But this is why I never read movie reviews until after the fact now; if you go in with others' expectations, it's hard to have a pure experience. You know?

All in all, a superb weekend. We just dined on fresh bread, tomatoes and cheese from our stash and should be home in a few. I'm starting to miss my little ones. Tuesday!