Beet tart?

The weather is still gorgeous- how do we respond to sunlight for 4 or 5 days IN A ROW? It's amazing! While reading through my new Zuni Cafe cookbook, I learned that Rodgers feels beets are best the day after being roasted. So, I refrigerated the ones I cooked yesterday overnight and am thinking that a beet tart sounds lovely. I've run out of time to have it ready for lunch, but can definitely have it for dinner. What if I use the beets, greens, some Bûcheron inside, and make a shell that incorporates a bit of orange zest? Hmm. Will keep you posted.

Jack and I went to his violin lesson this morning (he pretending to be an alien; why the alien was wearing jeans/red rain boots/blue button-down shirt I wasn't quite clear) and then to the nursery to see the new haunted castle (all the kids were terrified). I picked up this gorgeous pumpkin- perfect for the soup I mentioned recently, yes?