Because even a dinner for one should be lovely

This might be the best vegetable soup I've ever made. Seriously comforting, seriously flavorful, and these broiled toasts are the bomb. I bought some Gabietou recently, a French cheese that Whole Foods was highlighting. Let me tell you, it is good and it is good when used in this way.

I also opened some rosé and am feeling like quite the French sophisticate, if by that you take it that I feel like a super-tired mom sucking wine and soup concurrently. Heh. No, I feel good. Today was nuts but the kids were great and I actually did my hair. T was in Boston, and I didn't think he'd make it back in time for dinner so assumed I'd be solo. However, when solo, you should still treat yourself right, honor all you did that day and the person you are. Hence my lovely tray and actual china and silverware. During my first bite, T did walk through the door, so now it's dinner a deux, but nonetheless, you see what I'm saying.

If you look at the Summer Ribollita recipe I have posted, the changes I made here are: white beans for garbanzos, both kale and Napa cabbage instead of just kale, no zucchini, no pistou, add toasts! It's a very flexible and forgiving recipe.