Beautiful day, date with J, nausea please go away

It was fabulous to see Tom work through the door last night. And just before bathtime too. I've never skedaddled to the couch quite so quickly. I am still feeling pretty icky so didn't do much more than fetch and warm chili verde, part of the freezer stash, and then bid my dear hubs adieu. Basement time for moi! I love to sleep, really love it. I can't remember a time in my life that it seemed like such a mythical treasure, so when I get it, it truly feels golden. J didn't have school today (conferences), so after he and I dropped Ol off, we went out to breakfast and then moseyed down to the Spy Museum. J was enthralled, and afterwards we found our way to Cowgirl Creamery and were in hog's heaven. Oh my god on Truffle Tremor (Whole Foods doesn't sell it anymore because of its small production)! Also bought some Irish Coolea, a terrific cow's milk creation, and some fantastic bandaged cheddar that's approaching the crumble of an aged Gouda amongst other things (port-soaked figs!). I could have stayed all day.


And boy is today a gorgeous one. All blue sky and breeze and spring-is-in-the-air'ness. Amen. And I'm grateful to have a sitter for a few hours this afternoon because I still feel pretty shaky, nursing an underlying sense of nausea that never quite disappears. Tea, bed....I'm supposed to be doing some homework, but we'll see.

a lovely tray of tea