Basil-pecan pesto

Jack has a great buddy, K, who is as creative and fashion-forward as is he; also, K has a little sister with whom Ol is good friends. This afternoon, I took the boys to K's house as he'd written a new Star Wars movie over the summer, The New Republic, and wanted to film it with friends in all the starring roles. Little sibs played "younglings", a cast of ten or so 2nd graders battled to the multiple deaths over good and evil, and K's dad sportingly filmed all six scenes. It was definitely a terrifically fun activity for a Saturday afternoon, and it was great to see the kids all together again. When we got home, the boys ate -Oliver is on a pancake kick and will only eat pancakes for about 90% of each day- and Jack graduated from his fifth day of grounding by getting dessert. He thrilled in the taste of ice cream and said, "I really didn't like being grounded. It was NOT fun." Hopefully that is a long-lasting realization. I started in on recreating the basil-pecan pesto, and think I've mostly got it! Gorgeous, yes?

I then managed to make the most pitifully drab pasta IN.THE.WORLD. and am now in a slight sulk about how terribly average it was. Tom swears it was good, but I know better. You win some, you lose some.