Bain Damage, politics, watermelon, fundamentalists

Did y'all happen to watch The Daily Show this past Monday night? There's a priceless segment entitled Bain Damage in which Jon juxtaposes Mittens' ardent support of his own blind trusts and how they enable him to avoid conflicts of interest WITH actual footage of Mitt from many years ago in which he slams blind trusts for being nothing more than ruses. Absolutely hysterical in a depressing political way. Click the link above to watch. Mitt is such a lousy, pathetic, weirdly tan guy who has sold his soul. He has no idea what regular people need, want, struggle with, work for. Truly, I have such disregard for him. He has so easily, swiftly disavowed -or at least completely suppressed- all he once stood for. When I lived in Boston (1993-95), I was an active volunteer for NARAL ProChoice America, and Romney was considered a "friend" of the organization despite his Republican affiliation. Now he is Mr. Pro Life. Obamacare is, for the most part, Romneycare. And so on, and so on. Politics is dirty and scummy, and I'm not suggesting that President Obama is without fault or foible, but the Republican party today is just obscene. Did you see Rush Limbaugh's diatribe about Obama? "I think it can now be said, without equivocation - without equivocation!- that this man hates this country. He is dismantle the American dream."

Despicable rubbish.

And John Sununu: "I wish this president would learn how to be an American."

Really? What planet are these guys inhabiting? Maybe the one on which the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the US government, as crazy Michele B recently opined. These statements are gross and so supremely, criminally selfish. It's sickening.

Also sickening is the news out of Mali. Seriously, Islamic fundamentalists have got to be some of the most awful people on earth. Running around, beating, raping, killing, burning, torturing, starving and exiling while waving the banner of moralism and rightness is the height of psychotic hypocrisy. I'm not a big fan of any form of extremism, but these guys have the corner on the batshit market. They win the Evil Award. ~~ On a more positive note, I am surrounded by pretty, healthy food and am so excited to start cooking it all that I hardly know where to start. Tom is out of town through Friday so I'm looking ahead to two nights of dinners for one and do need to clear everything out as we're going to Connecticut for the weekend for the funeral service for T's paternal grandmother. It will be the first time in ages that I won't have access to a kitchen so there won't be much in the way of cooking news from me until Sunday evening when I imagine we'll be pooped and simply grill a pizza. Nothing wrong with that. Off to chop watermelon rind!