Bad customer service, dinner inspo

I am always truly baffled by poor customer service. Isn't it easier and better for you, as a business, to just be nice, honest and helpful (unless of course you encounter an insane, rude customer)? You would think so. Recently, I tried a new dry cleaner as it is on the way to/from Jack's school, so I pass it up to four times daily. This is much more convenient than the place I loved but is totally out of the way most of the time and parking is tough. Anyway, I have been less than impressed by the new proprietor's EQ but figured the convenience outweighed a nice working relationship. This attitude of mine was quashed today when the lady informed me that she did not know where my table cloth was but thought she might have sent it home with any number of other customers. Could she please call them? "Oh no, I can't do that. I'll have to wait until they come back in. I know who they are though. And you don't need your table runner because it's red." A) If she knows who they are, why can't she call them? B) Why no apology? C) How in the sam hill does she know I don't need my table runner? Maybe I love red. Maybe it's a family heirloom (it's not).

She had made me prepay for the cleaning, shrugged when I suggested that her plan wasn't anything like an acceptable plan and dismissively told me not to worry, musing that she "has never done this before." Fine. We all make mistakes but honestly, this response left just a little something to be desired. I asked if she would call me by Saturday? "Oh no, you need to give me at least a week; next Tuesday at the earliest." Do you need my name and phone number? "Oh no."

Not real sure how this one's going to turn out, but I do know that I won't go back there. DC-area peeps, Bradley Cleaners in Bethesda. The book store next door is off my list too but I can share that story -of equal cruddy customer service- another time. ~~ Now, when I feel pissy about things like this, I start concurrently thinking about what I'll enjoy for my next meal. I think the pleasure conjured by envisioning something tasty cancels, or at least lessens, the irritation I feel. So, here's what I'm thinking: lacinato kale and fontina stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in just a little bacon. I might cook up my new green rice to go alongside too...Will keep you posted.