Back to the races

I would be lying if I said home has remained a Zen state since the boys returned. Oh my lawd!! The talking is as if to make up for lost time, we've already been to the pediatrician for Ol and cleaned up one of the most explosive, large-scale pukes ever. I am definitely having to reset myself and could not help but take a nap earlier today. While I am so happy to see them, the remaining weeks until school resumes are sure to exhaust and challenge.

Last night, Mom and I went to Wolf Trap (a great, open-air venue for concerts and performances in Virginia) to hear Diana Ross. We'd bought tickets just the night before in a fit of enthused spontaneity which refused to acknowledge price inflation and the fact that she woke up at 4a yesterday to fly the boys home. It was totally worth it! Diana was incredible, a 69-year-old star from a time when that really meant something. She had a huge band -including two drummers- and changed from outfit to glamorous outfit SIX times. Sequins, feathers, floor-length diva-flair was everywhere: fiery red, coronet blue, a black gown with a neon-yellow boa coat, orange... She sang so many hits (except Reflections; so sad), and the almost-best was the crowd. Everyone was psyched, knew all the words, sang them with abandon, danced the night away in both standing and seated positions. There were young gals, older men and everything in between. We had an absolute ball and on the way home, bought Reflections from iTunes and played it the whole way.

This morning we all started in on a harder-than-get-out puzzle of Hedwig and the Harry Potter crest, went out and gorged on tacos and tonight I'm cooking a feast of short ribs, hominy salad, watermelon and feta stacks with serrano vinaigrette and dessert TBD. Sadly, Mom heads back home tomorrow.

If you love avocados, tomorrow's One Day Deal at participating Whole Foods is: Hass avocados, $1 each.