Back to it, writing class, misc

Hello from DC. It was so rejuvenating to get away, spend a weekend with good and old girlfriends, sleep!, talk in complete sentences!, and come home rested and relaxed. My boys picked me up from the airport and were just so darn cute with their effusive and loving welcome. It has been equally lovely, today, to enjoy a quiet morning inside while a terrific thunderstorm rages intermittently outside. I've cleaned up much of the weekend-without-Mom detritus scattered throughout my home, done the grocery shopping, made more granola for the sadly empty container dedicated to it, successfully arranged some fresh flowers -a first!- and mostly unpacked. I also had time to edit the food photos I snapped all weekend, so what was really delicious now also looks so. Check it out! I'm eating a quick lunch now and am soon to head off to my first Memoir Writing class. SO exciting. It's at Politics & Prose (DC-area peeps, I'm sure you're familiar) which, as a great store for many reasons, is such an asset to our community. I'm hearing Malala Yousafzai and her father speak this Friday night, and I got the announcement and tickets via Pols & Prose. Same with Yotam and Sami, whose talk I'm hearing later this month.

Leaving you now with these pretty pics of cruciferous veggies that I snapped earlier today. I love how purple cabbage is almost opalescent!