Back into the swing of things

We're getting there! Everyone is still waking up sometime in the late 4s, early 5s which is no fun but ah well, jet lag is a pain. J is happy to be back at school, Ol and I are staying busy. I posted the recipe from last night -Halibut with Herb-Citrus Salsa and Israeli Couscous Risotto- and this evening will be making my whole wheat spaghetti with chicken, fennel, currants and mascarpone. It is fab!

Do you know what I found beyond weird? I just had to go to FOUR stores to find matches. Matches, people. Isn't this a basic sort of product?? Do you know what was nice? Being disengaged from American politics for nearly two weeks.

Tomorrow's One Day Deal at Whole Foods is large fruit tarts, $9.99 each (usually $20.99 or something like that).