Back home, ordering take-out to finish off the getaway

After a fantastic brunch at Day by Day -I had latkes with sour cream, applesauce and raspberry preserves, while T had the sweet potato and chorizo hash with eggs sunny side up and toast- we packed up, made our way to Minette for the baguette (still warm) and endive salad which totally hit the spot, and got on the road. I'd snagged a pumpkin cinnamon roll from Day by Day in case we needed a little sweet, and it was awesome. Recently I saved a food52 recipe for pumpkin and chocolate chip cinnamon rolls and am now more inclined to bake them soon. Anyway, we got home, picked up the boys and were amazed by just how quickly the overall intensity and pace of life was amplified. God, people. It was faster than fast. But they were in darling, playful moods so we went with it until they crashed into bed about 10 minutes ago. I've just had a ball unpacking all my new scores from the housewares store, goodies from the Italian market and getting back into the swing of laundry and such. This prompted a no-thought-required conversation about how great good take-out would be to cap off the weekend. 2Amy's pizza is coming our way and will hit the spot as it always does.

Cooking will resume tomorrow- with what, I'm not yet sure but as always, I'll keep you posted.

Did y'all see that hilarious Joe Scarborough comment referencing all the talk about Newt's extreme intellect? He rebutted, "If he's the smartest guy in the room, get out of that room."  Newt is such a narcissistic windbag. And seriously, what kind of shellac does Calista use on her hair? Scary. Does it move when she is in the wind, lays in bed, jogs?